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We are a Property Management Company you can trust to handle the letting and management of your property. Professional management will have a major influence on not only the income that you receive, but also on how swiftly, efficiently and cost effectively you achieve your desired outcome.

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Marie Baker


Behind every successful business is an exceptional team, and Marie is the glue that binds the moving parts together. Marie has been at the forefront of the  property management profession since 1987, and the valuable learnings from years past have shaped the strong, impressive structure that stands today. A healthy team culture reigns supreme – we are the sum of our parts, and we work in an environment that fosters respect, resilience, reliability and responsibility. We do ‘us’, and it works.

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Alex Theodoridis

Asset Manager

Alex has been with us for 20 years, and his sole focus is the physical wellbeing of all properties under our care.

Alex works alongside the property managers and is the linchpin in our team, having eyes on the physicality of our entire portfolio. Quarterly inspections, routine repair/maintenance, renovations, insurance claims, things that go bump in the night – such is Alex’s playing field, and the commitment that he brings to overseeing such a complex role is immeasurable. He is the ‘Go To’ man, with a wealth of knowledge, infinite patience, and the ability to make sound decisions.  

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Denise Bullock

Financial Controller

Our very own Chancellor of the Exchequer! Denise has been employing her special skills and extensive accounting expertise to the financial management of our portfolio for the past 14 years. Her understanding of the business, and willingness to support everyone is immeasurable, and our team dynamic is fortified by her laser focus on detail, order, and technical brilliance. Managing an audited Trust Account is not for the faint hearted – Denise embraces the challenge and delivers the results!

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Jerram Tuck

Property Manager

Jerram joined us in 2015 as a new graduate (Bachelor of Business Studies and Graduate Diploma), and has recently achieved his Level 4 Property Management qualification. With the full support of our team, Jerram continues  to apply his skills in a practical sense, providing a great customer experience, while continuing to build ongoing relationships with our investors/owners. Along with his fellow young brigade cohorts, Jerram embraces technology to the fullest extent possible, to complement our people-centric approach.

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(0274) 432 832

Beni Tesoriero

Business Development

Our very own winged warrior! Beni joined us in 2016, adding a fresh and energetic dynamic. Along with Jerram, Beni’s arrival as a graduate (Bachelor of International Studies) reflects a positive emerging trend of young qualified males choosing this profession as a viable career. With a successful history in sales and account management, Beni’s boundless energy, smart analytic skills and sheer love of life rounds out our underlying culture of care and professionalism, supported by robust systems and processes.

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Ashley Edwards

Property Manager

With a passion for building relationships, a knack for connecting with people, and a flair for leveraging technology and marketing, Ashley brings an electrifying energy to our team. Whether she's networking, optimizing our tech tools, or crafting innovative marketing strategies, Ashley's enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. 

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Olivia Cottis

Property Manager

Olivia joined us at the beginning of 2023, and slotted into our team seamlessly. Bringing skills from her background in Real Estate, her expertise enhances our operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in managing properties.  

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